Academic Endeavors

Ashland University - Ashland Ohio
Bachelor of Science – Math GPA - 3.638
Cum Laude Gamma Alpha Kappa
      Finite Math                             4.0 (A)
      Precalculus and Its Applications        3.0 (B)
      The Calculus I                          3.0 (B)
       The Calculus II                         3.7 (A-)
       The Calculus III                        3.3 (B+)
      Elementary Statistics                   4.0 (A)
       Discrete Math I                         3.7 (A-)
      Discrete Math II                        4.0 (A)
       Linear Algebra                          3.7 (A-)
      Number Theory                           4.0 (A)
       Complex Variables                       3.7 (A-)
      Operations Research                     3.0 (B)
      Elementary Differential Equations       3.0 (B)
      Advanced Number Theory                  4.0 (A)
       Intro to Modern Algebra                 2.3 (C+)
        Finite Simple Groups                    3.7 (A-) 
        Matrix Theory                           3.3 (B+) 
        Intro to Analysis                       2.7 (B-) 
       Senior Seminar                          4.0 (A) 
        Senior Seminar                          2.7 (B-) 
Political Science
        Democracy in America                    3.7 (A-)
        Understanding Politics                  3.7 (A-)
        Christian Political Thought             3.3 (B+)
       International Relations                 4.0 (A)
        Constitutional Powers                   3.7 (A-)
        Western Political Thought               3.3 (B+)
Computer Science
        Introduction to Programming II          4.0 (A) 
        Data Structures                         4.0 (A) 
        File Structures and Data Bases          4.0 (A) 
        Programming Languages                   4.0 (A) 
        Computer Architecture                   3.0 (B) 
         Foundations of Computing                3.7 (A-) 
        General Zoology                         4.0 (A) 
        Comparative Embryology                  4.0 (A) 
        Symbolic Logic                          4.0 (A) 
        General Psychology                      4.0 (A) 
        Exploring the Bible                     4.0 (A) 
        Ashland Area Chorus                     4.0 (A) 
        Ashland Area Chorus                     4.0 (A) 
        Ashland Area Chorus                     4.0 (A) 
        Ashland Area Chorus                     4.0 (A) 
        Ashland Area Chorus                     4.0 (A) 
        Ashland Area Chorus                     4.0 (A) 
        Art and Ideas                           4.0 (A) 
        Greek Literature                        3.0 (B) 
        Human Communication                     4.0 (A) 
        Family Violence                         4.0 (A) 
        English Composition I                   4.0 (A) 
        English Composition II                  4.0 (A) 
DEC Training Center - Bedford Ma
        Programming RSX11/11M+ in Fortran and Macro
        VAX/VMS Utilities and Commands
        System Management and Daily Operations
Last updated June 15th, 2005